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Lecture: “Painting Missouri: The Counties en Plein Air”

Billyo O’Donnell will give a presentation on his book entitled, “Painting Missouri:  The Counties en Plein Air”

When:  7pm, Thursday evening, October 10, 2019

Where:  Community Hall, 503 Third Street, Rocheport, Missouri, 65279

Rocheport Area Merchants Association and Rocheport Friends of the Arts want to invite you to a very special event!

Please join us to hear Billyo O’Donnell discuss the stories behind the paintings in the book entitled “Painting Missouri:  The Counties en Plein Air. The book, Painting Missouri: The Counties en Plein Air, was a major undertaking by both Karen Glines and Billyo O’Donnell. Starting in 2001, the collaborators spent their time for seven years engaged in this project – Billyo traveling to each county many times finding just the perfect image to paint while Karen researched and wrote a descriptive essay on the same regions. Billyo’s diary commentaries add a great deal to the book describing why he may have chosen the subject matter for a particular county or experiences he had while painting outdoors.

Billyo has received the highest award an artist can be given in the State of Missouri the “2012 Independent Artist Award” Missouri Arts Council award. He takes the greatest pride in having been honored at the Governor’s Mansion in Jefferson City for an unveiling of a selection of his 115 paintings in the book, “Painting Missouri,” authored by Karen Glines – depicting the 114 counties in Missouri and the city of St. Louis. ( which is currently on display at the downtown library in Kansas City.  ) Delete this, its from something like 10 years ago. To learn more about “Painting Missouri” visit <>

This event is free and open to the public.

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